on becoming a more effective Teacher Librarian in the future

As a New Scheme Teacher, I currently have Provisional Accreditation to teach in NSW Department of Education Schools, so my first task is to gain Accreditation at Professional Competence.

Though I have until the end of 2014 to achieve Accreditation at Professional Competence, my goal is to do so by the end of this year. I feel well prepared to accomplish my goal having just completed all the components for the Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship) Programme at Charles Sturt University.

On becoming a more effective Teacher Librarian in the future, I refer to the Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians document, which states “It is primarily intended for use by teacher librarians as a framework for ongoing professional learning” (ALIA & ASLA, 2004).

ASLA png

At this point in time, based on my assessment of where I could be furthering my professional learning, I note the following goals to which I aspire.

1. Professional Knowledge: Excellent teacher librarians:

1.1 thoroughly understand how all learners develop and apply lifelong learning skills and strategies

1.3 have a comprehensive understanding of literacy, literature for children and young adults, curriculum and specific programs in their schools


2. Professional Practice: Excellent teacher librarians:

 2.2 ensure that their programs are responsive to the needs of learners in the school community

2.4 monitor teaching practice to ensure improved learning and teaching


3. Professional Commitment: Excellent teacher librarians:

3.3 build and foster collaborative teams within school and professional communities



Australian Library and Information Association & Australian School Library Association. (2004). Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians. ALIA. Retrieved from http://www.alia.org.au/sites/default/files/documents/ALIA.ASLA_.2004.TLstandards2013.05.30.JB_.pdf



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