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the forums …

The forums for both subjects have been incredibly informative – not only for the content, but for the way in which questions are asked and comments made and the manner in which these are responded to …

Some of us rage and whine in frustration and sometimes we get a sympathetic or confirming response from other students – other times we get a diffusing or calming response from other students who attempt to explain or clarify what has been re-written.

I am interested to discover that neither of these approaches really work for me, they might be cathartic or calming – but they don’t assist my learning. The ones that have helped me the most are those that come like a splash of cold water in the face e.g. “it’s in the APA referencing guide”. These remind me that I am an adult who can think when she puts her mind to it!


knee deep in assignment 2 …

I have just opened Tarter’s student handout for the PLUS model, kindly left by James Herring in the Resources folder for MEdTL 401 … the thought that occurs to me, perhaps belatedly, is that this teacher is being taught how to teach.

I know I am a life-long learner – this, in and of itself, is a good thing to know – however, I am paid to do a job, which is to enable the learning of others through quality teaching. Having seen how the PLUS model is translated into a handout for student usage, gives me a model to bounce from when the time comes.

The feelings that I have are firstly, enormous gratitude; and secondly, incredible relief – I believe I am going to be able to do this teaching stuff!

post Scholarly Paper

The Scholarly Paper went in with 1 hour and 5 minutes to spare – I could have taken it to the last minute, but sometimes you just have to let it go.

The biggest surprise for me was that the final essay ended up to be quite different to what I had envisaged when gathering my information and making my notes.  Basically I had gathered too much – 2000 words didn’t go very far -so when I started to prune, the essay took on a different character.   Mind you, I am not unhappy with the final result, just surprised.

The next assignment is a Portfolio – my plan is to road test one of the literacy skills models in completing this task, which will be a first for me … when I was completing my schooling in the 1970s we weren’t taught how to research just “have a good introduction and a good ending”.

first assignment …

I was a TL a long time ago (1979-1985) and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember learning anything about needs assessment or the role of the school library  in my training and there was very little about selection and acquisition – my training (from memory) was mostly about cataloguing and classifying.  So, I guess I would have to say that reading the modules and the readings established my knowledge and understanding of needs assessment, selection, acquisition and the role of school library collections – and doing the task extended my knowledge and understanding of these.

Re needs assessment: – I will still need to practice this: I only began my new role as part-time TL (0.4) on 23 March 2010 but had a meeting with the Head TL 11 March 2010 and asked for her opinion.  She had no hesitation is naming mother tongue for the IB.  I had very little knowledge of this area but as I was going to Vietnam (14 – 21 March 2010) to complete a final task for my former employer, St James Ethics Centre, I thought, “Bingo – Vietnamese mother tongue!”   So, for the future – my plan is to get to know the library collection asap and get into circulation data – though first, I will need to learn about AMLIB!  Next step would be to revise or create a questionnaire(s) suitable for teaching and support staff as well as students regarding their thoughts and ideas for the library.  Given that anything could come in – I can now see the importance of having a collection policy.  I will need to check if we have one and if it needs revising.

Re selection: – LOTS of information out there, so I was fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of great contacts whilst in Vietnam, among them: the Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism; a Professor of History, Centre for Asian Societies and Histories at the Australian National University; and a former Australian Ambassador to Vietnam 1998-2002 – these were people I had worked with for over fourteen years in my former role.  Thankfully, there was an opportunity just prior to the Easter break to meet with the IB teachers and the Director of Studies to discuss check my understanding of their needs against what I had come up with.  For the future, I will continue to tap into my external network of contacts as appropriate alongside those suggested in the notes, the reading materials and listservs.

Re acquisition: – in future, I know I will need to pay more attention to this – particularly when it comes to acquiring the mother tongue resources for the other fourteen languages and where policy-type questions will surely arise such as: if a resource is available in Australia and also the country of origin, which do we choose?   This will make for some good ethical discussions!  As an aside, I intend to learn how to use Endnotes.

Re role of the school library?  A no-brainer, it is there to support the learning of the school community.

RBL and me

I left Teacher Librarianship (TL) in 1985 – the Resource Based Learning (RBL) approach was just coming in. It was a good thing I left teaching at that time … how could I have taught this way (ie teaching research skills) when I couldn’t do this myself? For example, when writing my Zoology essay in the second year of my Science degree at Sydney Uni, I did all my research from Britannica Encyclopaedia and proudly quoted this as my source, “all the information was there, why go anywhere else?”.

I am not sure that anyone could have convinced me otherwise at that time – but eventually someone did and it took her a long time! At some stage during this program I will write this up, as my reflections upon this may give me some insights on what I might do when I encounter students similar to me when I am teaching.

Hello world!

Welcome to

The sentence read, “This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!” and I thought to myself, didn’t I just do that?

It seems that my first post was actually my first page … I guess that’s what can happen when you jump in boots and all; and you use a mobile app rather than laptop, where things look a little bit different! I suppose I should be grateful I didn’t start in comments …